Peggy has several trainings and personal workshops available.

I AM GREAT WORKSHOP: Embody Your Divine Nature, Fulfil Your Destiny And Soar Through Life

I am great. I’m not enough. I am great. I’m not enough.

These two voices comprise much of the human condition – the wrestling of our inner greatness with our ego structure, our divine nature with our animal nature, our conscious mind with our unconscious mind.

Which of the voices will win? The one we “feed”.

Until the unconscious mind aligns with the conscious mind there is always an internal battle. And, as we know – “As within, so without”. So, the battle within is reflected in the battles we see in our outer life, both near and far. So, happily, when we make peace within ourself, it effects the entire world.

It’s not just Miss America who wants world peace. We all want that. And we wonder. “What can I possibly do?” We also wonder how can I experience more peace in myself, in my family, at work?

Know that peace CAN be won if we “feed” the part of us which is great, divine, amazing and magnificent. In scientific language that equates to building and strengthening new neuro-pathways in our brain that reinforce and reflect the truth of who we really are— which of course is great, divine, amazing and magnificent!

That’s exactly what we’ll be doing in The I Am Great Workshop. You will receive a plethora of cutting-edge mind-body technologies that will support your inner and outer transformation in a very significant and lasting way.


Break free from whatever is holding you back


One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar


ENJOYING AUTHENTIC CONNECTION: Better Relationships Through Compassion And Communication

From our first to our last breath – we all want to connect— to experience oneness. However, this desire can be quite challenged because we are each unique and so very different. Have you noticed? 🙂

A brilliant man, named Marshall Rosenberg, addressed this universal plight, inventing a simple 4-step model of communication that aids us in navigating through our differences in a way that supports building and sustaining connection with those we most care about. This process is called Compassionate Communication, AKA Non-Violent Communication.

Relationships are paramount. That’s a fact. Significant others, children, parents, siblings, relatives, friends, bosses, coworkers— the quality of our relationships to all these folks, to a great extent, determines whether we feel we live in heaven or hell, loved or unloved, fulfilled or unfulfilled.

The perks of learning how to communicate in ways that open hearts and minds making connection possible, rather than drawing shields and swords which only elicits conflict and separation, cannot be listed here, as they are infinite. You can continue doing what you’ve always done, or you can come learn something new. It’s your choice.



Peace is not an absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means


HAPPIER & HEALTHIER ME WITH TRE & FASTER EFT: Blow-Your-Mind Freedom From Undue Stress & Trauma

In many healing circles, Tapping is the rage. Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet!!! FASTER EFT, as developed by Robert Smith, will literally, blow your mind!

FASTER EFT is the “New and Improved” form of tapping. It’s quicker, easier and more efficient than traditional EFT. Robert Smith’s ground breaking technique combines the cutting-edge technologies of tapping on central nervous system meridians, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and hypnosis. The combination is a kick-ass approach of turning a life of lemons into life of lemonade.

Faster EFT goes for the “jugular”— immediately addressing clients most traumatic and difficult life events, reworking brain activity to create new neuro-pathways that pull the plug on stressful memories. This frees one from the repetitive dysfunctional patterns acted out by of the unconscious trying to “work-out” the past. Resolving the seeds of disruption can turn the whole life around. FASTER EFT is a game-changer! A life-changer!

In this workshop, you’ll also learn Trauma Release Exercises (TRE), another cutting-edge technique to resolve the effects of undue stress and trauma in the mind-body. This technology is purely physical and easy to do. TRE creates a gentle tremor in the body, that elicits, (rather, turns-back-on) our innate ability to “shake-off” stress. The combination of these two techniques, FASTER EFT and TRE, can create astounding and significant healing in the mind-body – that other healing modalities just can’t touch.

You will go home with a tool box of super-effective techniques you can utilize in your daily life to help quickly bring you out of high-level anxiety, caustic reactivity, fear, aggression, collapse, etc. 



Its not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it