“In all my years in business, I have seldom, if ever, heard a speaker with the power and light behind Peggy’s eyes. She touches everyone who hears her. Peggy is the messenger AND the message.”

– Frank Macguire, Fedex CoFounder

“Excellent style, humor and rapport with the audience.”

– Fred Johnston, Lucent Technologies

“Your sense of humor delighted us!”

– D Maloney, Telecom Services, Colorado University

“You were so easy and pleasant to work with.”

– Lucy Jones, Prog Director, US West


“Your unique story and style of presenting captivated the audience. You were characterized as the ‘best of the best’ of our conference presenters.”

– B. Enderle, Diversity Leadership Alliance Founder

“You gave me real simple and practical things to make the most of my days. Thank you.”

– Dolan Gadoury, CEO Quantum Transformation

“Your humor and candidness made learning to overcome negative thinking enjoyable.”

– D Maye, Boing Inc. Meeting Planner

“You truly did a great job on the four sub-topics of ‘Celebrating Differences’…come back again!”

– J Newman, Lockheed Martin, Meeting Planner


“You are one of America’s top speakers… I wish for the whole world to get to see and hear you.”

– Jeremy Dermody, CEO, Four Windows Inc.

“Looking for a powerful speaker? Peggy is the real deal. She is a total pro, a rock star on any stage, for any organization.”

– Brad Montgomery, BGM Inc.

“You’ve made a big impact on me and I’m sharing your thoughts on inner smallness with friends. I shall never forget  you.”

– Jim Hocker, American Payroll Association

“We’ve had the nation’s top speakers. Your delivery and message for this audience surpasses them all.”

– K Druck, Founder, Jenna Druck Foundation


“Your presentation on Celebrating Differences was absolutely superb! We received an overwhelming response. Admiration for a superior job!”

– P. Davison, US Coast Guard

“We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from our managers. We would definitely recommend you as a speaker to any group or company wishing to overcome difficulties.”

– A Rancis, VP, Ball Aerospace

“In my career of some 30+ years, I have heard countless numbers of speeches ad public addresses, but I have never been moved more that when listening to Peggy.”

– Roger Beach, Chairperson, Gallaudet University

“I am happy to say that bringing in Ms. O’Neill as the Florida FBLA state leadership conference keynote speaker, was one of the best moves I have ever made.”

– J Jones, Florida FBLA/PBL State Advisor


“Your message was priceless and truly touched so many of our employees. Your personal experiences, expressive personality, and vibrant delivery truly made the presentation one-of-a-kind and memorable.”

– S. Beatty, Washington Mutual Bank

“Throughout the last 20 years, I was privileged to hear a great number of motivational speakers of national prominence. Your recent presentation clearly matched, and exceeded, those speakers with your combination of style, humor and real life experience.”

– S Alman, NC Rehab Association

“Peggy you were awesome! Your keynote opening session and workshop were unanimously praised by over 1500 women participants. They found you enlightening and inspirational, humbling and motivating. Our members will continue to be inspired by you for years to come.”

– Dan Maddux, American Payroll Association

“Your presentation, without a doubt, was one of the most impressive presentations I have had the pleasure to attend. Your humor, spirit and confidence projected a message that we all accepted and appreciated. Thank you for making a difference.”

-R Hansen, Santa Barbara Rotary Foundation


“You took me on that emotional roller coaster and I came out smiling in the end! Fantastic!”

– Stephanie Nicks, CEO, Nicks Inc.

“When you talked about being a diamond – I experienced my own diamond inside! What an incredible gift.”

– A Anderson, Tender Life Maternity Home

“I learned more about me in this keynote than I did in the whole conference.”

– Jan Alterman, Colorado Coalition for Mental Health

“Thanks for bringing a bright light and inspiration. In times like these it’s what’s needed.”

– N Winston, Texaco


“Peggy was such a highlight and a positive addition to this conference. Her speaking ability is genuine and easy to get involved in. I love the way she involves and interacts with the audience.”

– Jennifer Knowlton, Co. Mental Health